Project SV DOU Teambuilding Competition v3: Week 1 (Ogerpon-Wellspring)


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Congratulations to QianJiang-China for winning last week


This week's pokemon is Dragapult!

Dragapult has a niche as a decently strong and fast offensive Ghost-type that pairs well with Chi-Yu when using a Choice Specs or special attacking Life Orb set, but can also function as a very potent win condition with Dragon Dance. Even Choice Band sets could be used for immediate damage and speed.

Building ends on January 18th


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Triple Choice Balance:

:Meowscarada: :Arcanine: :Palafin-Hero: :Ting-Lu: :Amoonguss: :Dragapult:

This team has three defensive Pokémon, and three offensive mons. The team is built around the common defensive core of Ting-Lu, Arcanine, and Amoonguss. The idea is to set up hazards and then be able to sweep weakened opponents with Dragapult’s Dragon Darts and Palafin’s Jet Punch. Meowscarada offers another fast option for to pick off threats, while also being good into set up threats like Annihilape and Garganacl.


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Hex Status Spam


Since this is still up thought I'd throw something I've been messing around with here.
Pretty straightforward team with the goal of spreading status and cleaning with Dragapult or Skeledirge. The playstyle is pretty similar to the myriad Ape screens structures that were running around but with Dirge in place for Ape (only not nearly as threatening lol). I have tera-water Skeledirge to be better into Gholdengo as the matchup can be pretty rough given Good as Gold is busted (only MU I've really wanted Shadow Ball over Hex on Pult), but other types like fairy or grass worked as well. EP on Glimmora is for the mirror, as Dirge especially doesn't like hazards. Messed around with choiced Rotom-W (both scarf and specs) but it wasn't taking hits like I wanted it to so I switched to the defensive set. The Spa OHKOs uninvested Bundle with Volt Switch. I have Fake Out on Grimm but any of Taunt/Fake Out/Parting Shot/Twave are valid imo. I have Pult tera-dragon for the Draco Meteor nuke but something defensive could work as well.


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DD Dragapult+Bulk Up Palafin

This team mainly focuses on the ting-lu+strength Pokemon.Arcaine's Intimidate, Snarl and Will-O-Wisp and Ting-Lu's Vessel of Ruin can effectively weaken the opponent, and Salt Cure, Spore, Taunt and Clear Smog can effectively prevent the opponent from strengthening. 48 Atk in combination with Life Orb can also make Dragapolt 1HKO Gholdengo, 208 hp can make Dragapolt withstand the Freeze-Dry.Substitute of Iron Bundle, which is not Llfe Orb, can make Palafin not afraid of Intimidate, Clear Smog, Salt Cure, Spore and Will-O-Wisp, etc.
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